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Ink Jet Printer
Ink Jet Printer

Ink jet printer is type of barcode printer used in many business organizations to bar codes label. A typical ink-jet barcode printer provides resolution of 300 dots per inch, however some of the newer inkjet barcode printers offer higher resolutions.

Inkjet printer is one of the most widely used bar code printers that print high quality bar codes images by propelling droplets of ink onto the paper. Inkjet printer is available since 1980s but come in use significantly in 1990s. They are affordable and produce high quality bar code images.

Inkjet-printer can print barcodes image with resolution of at least 300 dots per inch (dpi). Some of the inkjet printers can print colorful bar codes labels with resolution of 600 dpi or more.

In inkjet printing device, the print head has several tiny nozzles (also called as jets). As the paper moves, the nozzles spray ink on it. An inkjet printer can print 100 to several hundred pages at a time.

Inkjet-printer uses two types of printing techniques i.e. continuous (CIJ) and Drop-on-Demand (DOD) printing technique. Drop-on-demand is further divided into two sub categories, thermal DOD and piezoelectric DOD printing techniques.

Advantages of inkjet printers:

Inkjet printers are cheaper than the other bar codes printers.

Inkjet printers print high quality bar code labels due to use of stochastic or FM screening.

The ink cartridges of inkjet printers can be refilled. Many ink companies offer systems that allows you to use larger amount of ink with your printer at a time. Thus saves your valuable time and money.  
Linear Barcode Fonts

Code 128 Interleaved 2 of 5 Code 39 EAN8
Code 128 SET A USPS Tray Label Code 93 EAN13
Code 128 SET B USPS Sack Label Codabar Telepen
Code 128 SET C UCC/EAN-128 Code 11 Postnet
Code 39 Full ASCII MSI Plessey Planet UPCE
Industrial 2 of 5 UPCA USS-93 ITF-14
Standard 2 of 5

2D Barcode Fonts

Aztec Databar Expanded Databar EAN 8 Data Matrix
Databar Databar Limited Databar MicroPDF417 PDF417
Databar Code 128 Databar Stacked Databar PDF417 QR Code
Databar Code 128 Set A Databar Stacked Omni MICR Font Maxi Code
Databar Code 128 Set B Databar Truncated Databar UPCA    
Databar Code 128 Set C Databar EAN 13 Databar UPCE    

Introduction of barcode
What is barcode?
What is history of barcode?
How does the barcode work?
What kind of information store in barcode?
What is the structure of barcode?
Why you should use the barcode?

Types of barcode
Linear Barcode
2D Barcode
RSS Barcode
RFID Barcode

Barcode Printers
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Laser Printer
Ink jet Printer
Thermal Printer
Desktop Printer
Mid-Range Printer
Industrial Printer
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Barcode Printing Methods
Direct Thermal Printing
Thermal Transfer Printing

Barcode Scanners
Pen type scanner
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CCD Scanner
Camera-Based scanner
Omni-Directional Scanner
Handheld scanner
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Barcode Fonts & Technology
Linear Barode Fonts
2D barcode Fonts

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